Utah Fingerprinting Solutions

Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification (UT BCI) is the main submitting entity where all electronic fingerprint records are submitted in the state of Utah. UT BCI allows non-Law Enforcement entities to transmit fingerprint records electronically to UT BCI for civilian applicant purposes. Additionally, the livescan vendor can print the fingerprint records to a hard card if they opt to purchase the printer and print-to-card software engine. The print-to-card functionality is not a requirement to submit to UT BCI.

UT BCI supports background checks for a limited scope of individuals. These individuals include people working with children and vulnerable adults; private entities and private adoption and public law. If an entity doesn't fall under any of the prior categories, you can add an FBI Channeling feature to support submitting electronic records to the FBI through an FBI Channeler. See the links below for more information.

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What's Included in a live scan fingerprinting system?

A live scan system is composed of several components. Some of these components can only be provided through the livescan vendor. Other components, such as a computer, printer, camera and hard carry case can be provided by the customer as long as these components meet the minimum system specifications. Here is a list of components required for electronic submission of civilian applicant records to CBI:

  • Live scan software certified by the FBI and approved by UT BCI

  • Computer (laptop or desktop PC or workstation)

  • Fingerprint scanner (tenprint) that is certified by the FBI and approved by UT BCI

  • Professional Services to install and configure software on computer 

  • System training (remote or onsite)

  • Software Maintenance and Support

  • Hardware Warranty

  • Optional Items: Driver's license reader, hard travel/storage case, printer with print-to-card software

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