Livescan for SWFT/SWFT+

SWFT stands for Secure Web Fingerprint Transmission. It is a web-enabled system that provides the ability to collect and process fingerprints for applicants requiring background investigations for a personal security clearance. SWFT and SWFT+ eliminate the need for paper-based capture and handling of fingerprints. Furthermore, this electronic means of collecting and processing fingerprints expedites the background check process and reduces the number of rejected fingerprints due to poor quality capture. There are many more benefits to submitting fingerprints through SWFT and SWFT+.

DoD Contractors are allowed to upload electronic fingerprint records to SWFT. Fingerprint service providers can serve as multi-site uploaders on behalf of DoD Contractors that don't wish to buy their own livescan systems. A livescan system that provides the ability to upload to SWFT consists of a fingerprint scanner, computer, livescan software and various services to install the software, support the software and train the customer on how to use the system. 

Military Branches are allowed to upload electronic fingerprint records to SWFT+. The only thing that Military Branches need to buy is a fingerprint scanner that is compatible with the SWFT+ web enroll application. This is a web interface that Military Branches do not buy, but can use.  These are the scanners that work with SWFT+.

For more information about SWFT and SWFT+, please visit the DMDC SWFT website.

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