Livescan Fingerprinting Solutions for Security Companies

The security companies that we work with typically provide security guard services and/or provide security guard training. The security guards must be fingerprinted. We also have some security companies that provide home security solutions, where employees of the security company must install equipment in homes. These employees must be fingerprinted. Security companies are not limited to fingerprinting their own employees and students that go through their training program. Some of our security guard companies opt to provide fingerprinting services to the general public in states that allow this.


Most of our Security companies use a livescan system that allows them to capture digitally and then print to card. However, there are some states that allow security companies to transmit the digital records electronically to the State DOJ. California and Florida are two such states. Contact us to find out if your state allows you to transmit electronically.

The products you would need include:

  • Livescan software installed on a computer (laptop or desktop workstation - Windows)

  • Tenprint scanner (must be able to scan four fingers at a time)

  • Livescan printer if your state does not allow security companies to transmit electronically (must be FBI approved printer)

  • Hard travel case if you want to be mobile.

  • Services (software installation, training, maintenance and support)

Contact us if you are interested in receiving a price quote and datasheets.

"As President of A-Team Security, we have come across a lot of companies that have offered and sold us products over the last 23 years. We have had some good ones and some really bad ones. When we wanted to start doing electronic fingerprints, we reached out to several companies to try and find the right fit for us. After talking to Kathleen, we knew we had found the right company to help us. The honesty and caring her team had for our company's needs has been extraordinary. Kathleen promised that she would always be there for us and the last three years she has been a woman of her word. To say Kathleen and her team have gone above and beyond to help us succeed with their product would be an understatement." - Jesse Parker

“Kathleen, owner of WoVo Identity Solutions, was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. She is quick to respond. Her training was easy to follow and understand. I feel confident using WoVo Identity Solutions and my experience working with Kathleen was both pleasant and professional. Highly recommend!” – Jamie Meyers, Vivint