Livescan Fingerprinting Solutions for Schools

Schools typically use a livescan fingerprinting system for one or two reasons. The first reason is to conduct fingerprint based criminal history record checks on their teachers and volunteers. The second reason is to teach students who are participating in a criminal justice studies program how to use technology to fingerprint people. There are two types of transactions (TOTs) that the livescan software can support depending on the use case. If fingerprinting teachers and volunteers, the software would be generate a civilian applicant fingerprint record. In the classroom, educators may opt to teach their students how to generate criminal booking records and/or civilian fingerprint records.

For those schools that want to use a livescan system to fingerprint their teachers and volunteers for employment reasons, the system they buy may allow you to transmit these records electronically in states that allow this. If your state Department of Justice does not allow you to transmit electronically, they may allow you to use a livescan system to create digital records and then print-to-card. Some states have given an exclusive contract to a single vendor to perform all civilian applicant fingerprinting. In those states, you will not be able to fingerprint your own teachers and volunteers for employment background screening purposes, but educators teaching criminal justice studies can still use a livescan system in the classroom for teaching purposes.

We offer a discount on our systems for schools that will be using our livescan systems in the classroom for educational purposes only.

The products you would need for your school or classroom include:

  • Livescan software installed on a computer (laptop or desktop workstation - Windows)

  • Tenprint scanner (must be able to scan four fingers at a time)

  • Livescan printer if your state does not allow your school to transmit electronically (must be FBI approved printer for applicant submissions)

  • Optional Hard travel case for storage and transporting purposes.

  • Services (software installation, training, maintenance and support)

Contact us if you are interested in receiving a price quote and datasheets.