Livescan Fingerprinting Solutions for Compliance Officers

We have many large commercial businesses that have thousands of employees working throughout the united states. Trying to manage the background screening process can become quite onerous and expensive if they have to fly people to a state to be fingerprinted or send them to a third-party service provider to be fingerprinted.


Organizations that have workers across the nation that need to submit fingerprint cards to other states can benefit from a livescan system that can capture digital data and fingerprint images and then print to FD 258 cards. There is no messy ink to deal with and you can scan once and then print out any number of cards you need for each employee all from within the confines of your HR office or location you deem appropriate for fingerprinting. If your state allows you to submit records electronically, we may have a system certified in your state that supports both electronic submission and print-to-card.

The products compliance officers need include:

  • Livescan software installed on a computer (laptop or desktop workstation - Windows)

  • Tenprint scanner (must be able to scan four fingers at a time)

  • Livescan printer if your state does not allow you to transmit electronically (must be FBI approved printer)

  • Optional Hard travel case for storage and transporting purposes

  • Services (software installation, training, maintenance and support)

Contact us if you are interested in receiving a price quote and datasheets.