Airport/Carrier Fingerprinting Solutions

Airport Authorities and Airline carriers are required to fingerprint employees with SIDA badges. They are allowed to submit these fingerprint records to TSA through one of three Designated Aviation Channeling (DAC) service. The choices are:  (1) The Transportation Security Clearinghouse (TSC/AAAE),  (2) Telos and (3) MorphoTrust. We sell livescan systems to Airports and Airlines that may already have accounts with the TSC/AAAE and are either ink fingerprinting badged employees or intend to replace an old livescan system. The wonderful benefit of transmitting electronically through a DAC is your responses come back much faster than when you mail hard cards to the DAC. Furthermore, you no longer have to pay for card digitization services and postage.

We like working with the TSC, because it is part of an established industry association that advocates to the TSA and Federal policy on behalf of its airport members. The channeling service is not considered a profit center for its members, but rather a helpful service that has been in operation longer than any other DAC.

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Our livescan system supports the capture of flats only or flats and rolled fingerprint images. The software also easily supports multiple accounts, which means the airport could transmit fingerprint records on behalf of their airport carriers and have their carriers billed by TSC accordingly.

A live scan system is composed of several components. Some of these components can only be provided through the livescan vendor. Other components, such as a computer, can be provided by the customer as long as it meets minimum system specifications. Here is a list of components required for electronic submission of badged employee fingerprint records to the TSA through our DAC partner, which is TSC/AAAE:

  • Live scan software certified by the FBI

  • Computer (laptop or desktop PC or workstation)

  • Fingerprint scanner (tenprint) that is certified by the FBI

  • Professional Services to install and configure software on computer 

  • System training (remote or onsite)

  • Software Maintenance and Support

  • Hardware Warranty

  • Optional Items: Driver's license reader, hard travel/storage case, printer with print-to-card software

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"Bellingham International Airport has been using the livescan system provided by WoVo Identity Solutions for about 2 years now and we’ve enjoyed the user friendly system as well as the customer service they've provided us with. Whenever we need clarification we have a quick response from your company. We rarely ran into problems and if a problem was to occur it was taken care of right away. We are very satisfied with using your livescan system." - Victoria Parks

“Kathleen and her team helped to upgrade our entire fingerprinting system at the Durango La Plata County Airport. We went from an ink and card system to livescan software including a laptop and secure connection to transmit fingerprints. She was extremely helpful from our initial quote to providing help long after our setup was complete. We are very happy with our product and the service we received.” – Brad R.