Colorado Fingerprinting Solutions

The Colorado Bureau of investigation (CBI) is the main submitting entity where electronic fingerprint records for applicants and criminals are submitted in the state of Colorado. Colorado is bit more restrictive than other states on who they allow to submit fingerprint records electronically to the states Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS).


Recently, CBI withdrew authorization from government agencies and schools to submit electronic applicant fingerprint records to CBI. Furthermore, CBI will no longer accept applicant fingerprint cards. CBI has given an exclusive contract to IdentoGo (Idemia) to process all applicant fingerprinting. It may be possible to send fingerprint cards to Idemia to have the cards scanned in and then transmitted to CBI for those applicants that need to send their cards to CBI, but can't conveniently travel to an Idemia location. More information can be found by visiting CBI's website.  


WoVoIS can still sell fingerprinting systems in Colorado to companies and agencies that need to send fingerprint cards out of state or transmit electronically for the following use cases:

  • Criminal Booking

  • Applicant Background Checks

  • Airport/Airline Badged Employee Background Checks

  • FBI Channeling Personal Review

  • Indian Gaming Employee Background Checks

  • Missing Persons Enrollment & Identification

  • Print-to-Card for Out-of-State Submission

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What's Included in a live scan fingerprinting system?

A live scan system is composed of several components. Some of these components can only be provided through the livescan vendor. Other components, such as a computer, printer, camera and hard carry case can be provided by the customer as long as these components meet the minimum system specifications. Here is a list of components required for electronic submission of civilian applicant records to CBI:

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